Working with Mr Anholt has been invariably stimulating and thought-provoking. His breadth of understanding, as well as his broad experience with many other countries, proved very useful to Mexico as we explore new ways of engaging with the international community. I would unhesitatingly recommend any government to have Mr Anholt challenge its most basic assumptions about its place in the world. The experience has given us a globally informed perspective and has proved highly beneficial, refreshing and, at times, even inspirational.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico

During the course of Mr Anholt’s work with the Faroes we have received positive feedback from everyone who has been involved in the process. Participants have frequently conmented how enjoyable and productive the group sessions have been, and have given high praise to Mr Anholt’s professionalism, energy, skill and vision. He has inspired a strong sense of shared purpose amongst a very disparate group of stakeholders. The process has been enjoyable and exciting for everyone concerned, and it has considerably broadened our thinking.

Director, Department of Public Diplomacy,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Faroe Islands

My colleagues and I were delighted with the experience of working with Simon Anholt, which we found refreshing, stimulating and thought-provoking in many ways. It has helped us to gain a deeper understanding of Austria’s role in the world and the importance of national reputation in achieving the nation’s longer term goals. His “Competitive Identity” process is a uniquely rewarding and productive experience for everyone concerned.

Austrian Federal Minister of Economy

Throughout the process Simon proved to be an invaluable source of support, advice and inspiration to everyone who participated in the process. His message was extremely well received in Iceland by the business community, the government and the public at large. Going through this process with Simon was a very pleasant yet challenging process which proved deeply rewarding for all of us who participated.

Managing Director, Iceland Chamber of Commerce

Let me express, on behalf of the entire team, our sincere admiration and repect for your skills, experience and intellectual input, combined pleasantly with your relaxed and occassionally hilarious approach. Great work!

Director General, Finnish Tourist Board

Professor Anholt was selected for this task by virtue of his experience and reputation as the leading expert worldwide and consultant on the ‘nation brand’ concept. The deeply collaborative process by which these important results were achieved was found by all participants to be intellectually stimulating as well as useful and enjoyable. I have no hesitation in recommending his programme to other governments that are interested in going beyond communications campaigns, and exploring more deeply how they can increase their nation’s standing in the world.

Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Kazakhstan

Working with Mr Simon Anholt has been truly stimulating and thought provoking. Mr Anholt’s extensive international experience and professional expertise have helped Lithuania to shape its main nation‑brand building priorities and have given a global perspective on Lithuania’s international positioning. I would not hesitate a moment to recommend Mr Simon Anholt to anyone in need of guidance in this field.

Vice-Chancellor, Republic of Lithuania

Simon Anholt’s rigorous methodology and penetrating analysis convinced even the greatest skeptics that his approach was the right one. His creative flair and compelling persuasiveness both delighted and inspired many of the people he worked with. It was a rare privilege and pleasure to work with Simon Anholt, and I would recommend him to anyone committed to the long term interests and welfare of their country.

Director, Latvian lnstitute

Delegates noted the tremendous professional development opportunity that [Simon Anholt’s] Masterclass provided to them. According to our anonymous conference evaluation form, well more than half of delegates cited your Masterclass on Competitive Identity as having been the greatest value of attending Canada’s Federal-Provincial-Territorial Investment Promotion Conference this year, which is a feat not before attained by any other external speaker.

Director, Invest in Canada Bureau, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Bringing global thought leaders such as Simon Anholt (one of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners on ultra-wide scale human engagement and a leading authority on national identity and reputation) – is key to stimulating conversations and opportunities within our country. Simon’s research and delivery style captivated the audience, challenged their thinking and provided genuine food for thought around New Zealand’s brand.

Director, Te Hono Steering Group, New Zealand

The Brazilian Tourism Board engaged Simon Anholt to deliver a Commissioned Masterclass. There was a great deal of interest in this event, and Mr Anholt’s excellent reputation as the ‘father of the field’ ensured that the event was extremely well attended. The Masterclass met and indeed exceeded all our expectations, and a large number of attendees, several at Ministerial level, took the time afterwards to congratulate Embratur on the initiative. We consider the Simon Anholt Commissioned Masterclass an extremely valuable experience; a profound, intensive and rigorous introduction to the complex but important topic of national image and identity.

Director, Brazilian Tourist Board

Toscana Promozione commissioned Mr Simon Anholt to present his Masterclass on Competitive Identity to the President of Tuscany and his cabinet, as well as representatives from other bodies, public and private, in the region. The event was one of the most successful we have ever carried out. Not only was Mr Anholt’s presentation given in a very engaging and compelling style. More importantly, the feedback from all the delegates was unanimously positive. Many commented that the Masterclass had completely transformed their views about building and maintaining the competitiveness of the region and would have a profound effect on the way they carried out their jobs in the future.

Director, Toscana Promozione

Simon Anholt was engaged to deliver
a Commissioned Masterclass in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The event was a resounding success; indeed, several of the ministers who attended the day continue to quote Mr Anholt’s words in media interviews, and some of his concepts appear to have become a permanent part of the political discourse in Bulgaria. We are confident that Simon Anholt’s Masterclass has definitively placed the ‘Branding Bulgaria’ conversation on a much higher plane than before, and several of the business leaders present at the event have expressed their relief that, as a result of the Masterclass, government is now discussing the critical issue of Bulgaria’s international image in a responsible, profound, methodical and informed way, and there is now far less danger of the discussion descending into ‘logos and slogans’ or confusion with tourism campaigns. It is a rare privilege to encounter an expert who presents truly world-class expertise in such an engaging, effective and memorable way. For once, the term ‘Masterclass’ is not an exaggeration: Anholt is truly a master of his subject.

Director, Economedia Publishing (event convenor)

Participants were engaged throughout the day as they were captivated by Simon’s presentation style, depth of knowledge and sense of humour.

Chief Executive and Managing Director, IDP Education Pty Ltd, Australia

I wish to thank you for joining us in London at the first regular session for 2018 of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB). The Board members expressed true appreciation for your presentation on new ways to measure, understand, and influence attitudes, opinions, and actions towards the United Nations. Your research and analysis provided the Board with valuable and though-provoking insights. Thank you for generously sharing your innovative ideas and time with us, which greatly enriched the deliberations of the Board.

2018 / Secretary-General, United Nations


We appreciated Robert‘s participation as a speaker at the Kyiv International Economic Forum 2019.
It was an informative speech for the listeners. Your willingness to share your time is crucial to the success of our Forum. We know that we could not have achieved such a high level event without your engagement.

Kyiv International Economic Forum

We thank Robert for his thought-provoking contribution to the 2nd World Cities Culture (Tianfu) Symposium, 22-24 July 2019, Chengdu, China. It was perfectly tailored for our audience of cultural leaders from world cities across the planet; offering a global perspective but with local examples and practical suggestions about how to approach the topic of cities as brands. We also really appreciated how well Robert applied his insights to the Chinese context for our hosts and local audience.

2019 / World Cities Culture Forum

Robert gave a phenomenal presentation at European Cities Marketing conference in Madrid… Robert’s straight-shooting and no-marketing-mumbo-jumbo approach … is both refreshing and very educational. Robert’s message was very well received and top-rated by the delegates.

European Cities Marketing

We at Promote Iceland had the pleasure to invite Robert to our annual meeting in April 2018 for a keynote speech on the value of your national image. The keynote was a success and created a good conversation on the subject here in Iceland. We very much look forward to continue to follow Robert´s work…

2018 / ÍSLANDSSTOFA, Promote Iceland

Robert was our keynote speaker at the 2017 Tel Aviv Cities Summit, and delivered a wonderful presentation… Robert is able to communicate his ideas in a way that keeps everyone in the audience engaged.

2017/ The 8th Tel Aviv Cities Summit

The lecture was extremely interactive, full of live examples. Incredible lecture, very inspiring. Robert, you are awesome! Thank you!

Masterclass Participant

Robert was probably the best speaker we’ve had, it has been very insightful and inspiring, and I really appreciate the interactive way to present.

Masterclass Participant

What I thought was appealing was the high level of interaction, concise and relevant material and information.

Masterclass Participant

I appreciated the flow of the programme and the interactiveness of the selected tools. Not all coaches can get all of us to participate.

Masterclass Participant

Interesting subjects - very useful for my career.

Masterclass Participant

It was super didactic, personally the best lecture we have had… without discrediting the others, Robert was beyond limits. It was an interactive virtual conference, involving all of us.

Masterclass Participant