The team

operates in Slovakia as well as in the CEE area as thought leader of the topic of place brand management. We are an apolitical, independent entity focused on disseminating knowledge about this discipline with the aim of positively influencing the image of Slovakia abroad by connecting sectors, education and publishing activities.

Zuzana Mikulasova, Masterclass organiser
Zuzana Mikulášová
Event Director
Zuzana Mikulasova, Masterclass, Head Marketing Communication
Milan Jursa
Head of Marketing Communication
Dušan Bugáň, Masterclass, Head of Sales
Dušan Bugáň
Head of Sales
Zuzana Mikulasova, Masterclass, Government Affairs, Public Affairs, PR specialist
Martin Horváth
Government Affairs, Public Affairs, PR Specialist
Andrej Kóňa, Masterclass, Research Specialist
Andrej Kóňa
Research Specialist
Sylvia Jursová, Masterclass, Head of Finance
Sylvia Jursová
Head of Finance
Lucia Babničová, Masterclass, Administrative Support
Lucia Babničová
Administrative Support